Laguna Foundation's Programs


Restoring the Laguna
Restoration in the Laguna primarily means removing invasive non-native species and reestablishing once prominent riparian forests.  Riparian, or stream-side forests, are important because they: provide wildlife habitat and habitat connectivity, supply shade which keeps the water cool for fish, and improve water quality by filtering out pollutants.

Much of the restoration work we do is accomplished by volunteers.  Over the past twenty years, our Laguna Keepers volunteers have planted thousands of native trees and other plants, removed acres of invasive plants, and maintained plantings once they are in the ground.  Thanks to these volunteers, the Restoration Program is able to stretch funding we receive and accomplish much more with each dollar. . If you would like to join the Laguna Keepers on one of their work days you can simply sign up and we will send you a monthly schedule of work days. You can also make a donation to our tree planting and restoration efforts.

Inspiring And Educating Our Kids - The Learning Laguna Program
A recent study has shown that only about 20% of children in Sonoma County receive ANY environmental education.  We believe that, in order for our children to grow up to be responsible stewards of the environment, they must be exposed at an early age to the wonders of nature.  We do this in both the classroom and the field through our acclaimed Learning Laguna Program which utilizes highly trained volunteer docents. Each year, teams of docents visit approximately 40 second thru fourth grade classrooms and lead discovery field trips  to the Laguna for 1,000 children.  Our docents also lead walks for the general public in the Laguna. If you are interested in taking a hike with us, sign up for our E-news and you will receive regular announcements.

We hope you will consider supporting our Laguna Learning Program by volunteering to become a docent or making a donation to the program so we can provide all of Sonoma County’s children with an awe inspiring trip into the Laguna to experience its wonders.  

Understanding And Protecting The Laguna - The Conservation Science Program
We believe that land stewards, public policy makers, and our own restoration and education managers all should be basing their actions and decisions on the best available scientific knowledge.  Our Conservation Science Program supplies that scientific, place based information by conduction scientific studies and disseminating the information through our Laguna Ecosystem Database.  The Program is supported by volunteer Citizen Scientists who help gather data that is necessary to assess the natural state of the ecosystem.  If you are interested in conservation science, we hope you will consider becoming a Citizen Scientist by signing up as a volunteer or making a donation to the program.

A Place For Education And Celebration - The Laguna Environmental Center
The Laguna Environmental Center consists of the renovated farmhouse (circa 1865) which is now the Foundation’s offices, our new conference facility Great Blue Heron Hall and the surrounding landscape of native plants, interpretive signage, a wetland demonstration pond, wildlife spotting decks, a traditional farm garden and orchard, a picnic area, and a native plant nursery.

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