Banner photo: "Blue-eyed Darner" by Dave Strauss

"Black Crowned Night Heron"






Current Art Exhibit in Heron Hall

Form & Color: It's Wild Out There

Photography by Dave Strauss

On Display September 5, 2017 through January 3, 2018

And, Dave Strauss is giving a Photography Workshop on December 9. Details here.
Thanks to the instructor, we have several free spots available for those directly impacted by the fires. Please email Anita to inquire.

Artist Statement
"Although I engage in many kinds of photography, most of my recent images isolate single creatures, people, or other elements for careful inspection with minimal distraction from foregrounds or backgrounds. In addition to conventional single-frame photography, I often combine multiple images into composites, sometimes described with questionable optimism as 'fine art' photography.

My best wildlife photographs result from fortunate combinations of 1) trial-and-especially-error, 2) long waits for uncooperative creatures to move into better light, 3) excellent but rather heavy photographic equipment, and 4) good luck. Im not the first to have noticed that careful planning, much more experience, transcendental patience, and still better equipment seem to engender better luck. During a critique long ago, a famous UC Berkeley professor of design & architecture advised me to 'get closer' it was good advice."

Artist Biography
Dave Strauss was born and raised in Marin County. After getting a BA in Design from UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design in 1970, he worked in computer systems, industrial automation, and electronics industries until retiring in 2013. Dave has been an enthusiastic photographer since his childhood: My first camera was a Kodak Brownie. I often wandered the quiet woods adjacent to San Rafael. I was fascinated by bugs, snakes, trees, squirrels, rabbits, spiders, and lizards, so watched them carefully. While he has made tens of thousands of photographs throughout his life, he re-engaged seriously and professionally with photography after retiring. He specializes in wildlife, studio portraits, editorial and advertising photography for periodicals, biological/paleontological research specimen imaging, and fine art capture. He has a studio in Oakland. Visit his website.

Heron Hall Art Gallery

Visit this beautiful exhibit in Heron Hall at the Laguna Environmental Center, 900 Sanford Road (at the corner of Occidental Rd. and Sanford Rd.), Santa Rosa. The Laguna Environmental Center is open to the public Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm, but because of the variety of hall uses during the week, please call ahead to make sure you can view the art (707-527-9277, x107). Another great time to view the art exhibit is during our occasional special Saturday Open Houses from 10am-3pm. They are FREE and open to the public. Details here.

Proceeds of art sales benefit the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. The goal of this gallery is to exhibit multiple shows per year of nature-themed art for sale. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation. Click here for an art exhibit floor plan of Heron Hall. If you are interested in exhibiting and selling your artwork in Heron Hall, please read through the Artist Parameters & Application. We will contact you as soon as possible after we receive your application. If your application is accepted, we will complete an Artist Agreement similar to this SAMPLE. Thanks for your interest!

Upcoming Exhibits

Naturally, prints and paintings by Rik Olson, January 9 - May 1, 2018. Opening reception Saturday, January 13, 2018, 3-5pm.

Microcosms: A Closer Look at Mushrooms and Lichens, gouache paintings by Lucy Martin, May 4 – August 29, 2018. Opening reception Saturday, May 12, 2018, 3-5pm.

California’s Wild Gold, mixed media tapestries by Faith Rumm, January – April 2019. Opening reception Saturday, January 19, 2019, 3-5pm.

The Laguna Foundation works to restore and conserve the Laguna de Santa Rosa,
and to inspire public appreciation for Sonoma County's Wetland of International Importance. 


For more information, please contact:
Moira Hall, Heron Hall Manager
(707) 527-9277 x 122,