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Our Learning Laguna program has helped introduce more than 19,000 Sonoma County students to the exciting world of the Laguna.

Each year, hundreds of volunteers join us in planting thousands of native trees and plants. We could not accomplish such hard work without your support.

With your support, our Public Education Department will continue to bring workshops to our community such as the popular cordage classes with Charlie Kennard.

Laguna Foundation Board of Directors
Pledges $75,000 Matching Grant

They invite you to join them!

The Board of Directors will match all gifts to the Laguna Foundation received by December 31, thereby doubling the value of your donation.

Funds will be used immediately to enact long-term solutions to the most pressing issues facing the Laguna. Your donation and this match will help fund salmon restoration research, design the state’s first county-wide vernal pool sanctuary, create more fire-resistant landscapes, improve water quality and wildlife habitat in numerous streams, and bring 35% more children to our second year of Camp Tule!

Turn $75,000 into $150,000! Let’s move closer to reaching our ambitious goal: restore the waters of the Laguna to a clean, swimmable, and fishable condition.


For information about the matching grant or to donate stock, please contact Bev Scottland at
(707) 527-9277, ext. 106 or email

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