Our Learning Laguna program has helped introduce more than 15,000 Sonoma County students to the exciting world of the Laguna.

Each year, hundreds of volunteers join us in planting thousands of native trees and plants. We could not accomplish such hard work without your support.

With your support, our Public Education Department will continue to bring workshops to our community such as the popular classes with Charlie Kennard.

You Matched It!
Thank you for turning $25,000 into $50,000 for the Laguna

Thanks to you, our supporters, we were able to meet the Rincon Foundation's $25,000 matching grant deadline. These funds will help develop and maintain three key projects:

• Trail Restoration, Connectivity and Safety on the AmeriCorps Trail in Sebastopol.
Funds will be used to work with the City of Sebastopol to build a connecting trail from the AmeriCorpsTrail in north Sebastopol, to Tomadachi Park on the south side of Highway 12. This trail connects to the Joe Rodota Trail that goes through Santa Rosa. The work includes the cleanup and removal of invasive blackberries, planting native species, and building a new trail and bridge over Zimpher Creek. The result will be a quarter mile connector trail and restored native habitat along the Laguna!

The Return of Coho in the Laguna.
The Coho salmon in the Laguna watershed are critically endangered, especially after the recent drought. Young salmon need a safe place to grow big and strong, where food is abundant, before heading out to the ocean. The Laguna used to be such a place and with your help, it could be again. The first step is to work with CalTrout to determine the best locations along the Laguna for fish habitat. Once we know more about how fish are using the floodplain, we will develop projects that enhance critical habitat.

Expand Public Education and Exploration Activities.
Funds will be used to offer dynamic programs to the public including walks, talks, workshops, and summer camps for youth. All ages will enjoy more guided nature explorations with hikes, kayak adventures and wildlife viewing. Hands on restoration projects in the Laguna also play a vital role in connecting people with their watershed.

Donate Now!

Thank you Rincon Foundation and the many supporters who helped meet this match. Together, we will transform the Laguna into a restored wetland complex with clean rivers and creeks, and actively engage more people in watershed and wetland stewardship. Your donation fuels our ability to be proactive and helps us continue to provide the leadership and expertise vital to conserving your Laguna.

For information about the matching grant or to donate stock, please contact Bev Scottland at
(707) 527-9277, ext. 106 or email Bev@LagunaFoundation.org

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